George and Jane live in a modular home. We live in the country so there-for our
Chihuahua's can enjoy the freedom to enjoy the out doors.
We start our day off by all going out to
go potty.
Then it is time for breakfast. Our people always
add tasty stuff like ground chicken and turkey to
our dog food because they want the best for us.
Now breakfast is over it is play time or time to hang out with our human family.
Through out the day we hang out and do a lot of sleeping. When everyone is coming
home from school and work we decide its time to play and visit with the humans again.
Then the day winds down. We are getting tired.
From time to time we have to take a bath
Then sometimes at night we decide its time to bring our babies into the world.
We love our Chihuahua's. This isn't
just a business for us but they are part
of our family. The cages stay open
unless we are away or night times.
While females are in heat we need to
keep them separate from those males
that we are not using. We rotate them
throughout the day so they can still
enjoy life. We welcome you to come
and visit our family.
The Nursery
Time to wean the puppies
This is our room. All the cage doors
stay open.