I am very pleased with the puppy purchased from
Jane's Paradise Puppy's.  At four months old, my
little Delilah is smart, very playful and healthy.  She
signals when she needs to go outside, and she is
also puppy-pad trained.  No health problems at all,
and she even lets me trim her nails without much
complaint.  I could not be happier with my choice of
puppy and puppy breeder.  It could not have been
easier doing business with Jane Candido, in
whom I located through her web page.  She was
very helpful with my lifelong decision in choosing
my puppy, and I am very pleased.
Megan Brazeil
Hi George and Jane--
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know
that I could not be happier with the new puppy I have
received.  He has been such a great friend and pet.  I
will send some photos.  Also, for your records, I
changed his name to Duncan (keeping Begeera as his
middle name).  I don't know if you need that for your
How is everything with his parents, brothers, sisters,
I saw there was a new litter.  That is very exciting!!!
You guys have done a great job raising these little guys.  
Hope all is well,
Hey Jane, I decided to name the puppy MoJo.  
He is perfect, never makes a peep, hasn't had
any accidents, and is so well behaved!  So here
is the picture you asked for, not a great one but I
could tell he didn't like the flash going off in his
eyes so this was the best one I got.  Thank you
so much for him he is everything I could have
wanted in the perfect puppy!  
Dear Jane & George:
Just a quick note to let you know that we arrived back in
NJ safe and
sound, and Pongo is doing great.  He truly does have an
adorable and
playful character, and is an extremely well-behaved
puppy, which is
really a credit to all your work and care.  Thank you again
and please
keep in touch; we will send updates when we can -
Pongo says, "HI!!" Best,
John & Chiho
Hi Jane,
Juno is doing very well.  She is now 3.3 lbs and almost perfect in her
litter box.  I bought some plastic stairs for her so she can climb up
and down from my bed and she learned to use them in about 15
She's so smart!!  Other than that, I am going to attach a picture and
have one booster shot left at the vet before she is all set.  She is
the sweetest dog, and I love her so much!!!
Hi Jane and George!
It was such an immense pleasure meeting you both on Sunday, as
well as all your four legged children!!!
I cannot express to you the happiness that is filling my house due to
our new addition. My husband and I have 2 teenagers along with a four
year old Dachshund and a one year old Chihuahua. Now our family is
complete since we adopted our Dylan!!! He is so wonderful and I took
him to the vet for his first appointment and the vet went on and on
stating that Dylan was so immaculate and healthy!!!!! He said he had
never seen a pup this clean before. Dylan got his shot and pretty much
slept the rest of the day, but he was full of energy the next morning!!!
He is just so great!!
I have never dealt with a breeder before, and this was the most
wonderful experience. Both of you made our family feel so welcome
when we came to pick up Dylan, and I have already recommended you
to many of my friends. When the time is right, I will be contacting you
again for another addition!!!!
Thanks again!!!
Lisa, David, Cameron, Elizabeth, Norman, Rico and Dylan Rowe
Sorry for taking so long to respond.  Been hectic with work.
The puppies are doing great.  Have acclimated very well, and
getting along just fine with the cats.  Amazing how smart they
are and how quickly they can learn.  Both are now sitting on
command, bobo will fetch and return; jojo will fetch and then
run away.  Toilet training is a bit inconsistent, but we're working
on it.  They are an absolute joy, and have had the positive effect
on making me leave work by 5:15 each day.  Good for my
stress levels.  My son and his girlfriend are a riot to watch, both
of them are usually rolling around on the floor with the
puppies, or playing tag with them.  My home is much more
lively now and it's great.  
The kids named the dogs.  Bobo is now called Mufasa and
JoJo is named Rafiki.  Both names are from Disney's Lion
King movie, are Swahili, and mean "friend" and "wise one" in
respective order.  As soon as I can locate the linking cable for
my camera I will send some current pictures.  Thank you very
very much.  The boys bring a tremendous amount of joy to my
Dear Jane and George,
Thank you for your hospitality on Saturday, October 10th.   
You have so  many wonderful puppies, it was really hard to
settle with just one!  
I knew when I was ready for my 2nd chihuahua, there was
no-one else I would have considered!  
I was so happy with Speckles last year, and I knew you wouldn't
disappoint this year!  We changed his name again because
Simba wasn't sounding right, so we decided to name him
Sammie, after my Dad.  Sammie is getting along wonderfully
with Speckles and I just see their friendship growing closer and
closer each day.  He is doing great with his wee wee pads, and
with going outside.  Everyone I meet gives me compliments on
both dogs.  We are overjoyed, and cannot thank you enough for
two wonderful babies!
Love, Donna, Kyle & Kristen
Shane is doing great. He is still glued to us for the most part
but is getting a little more adventurous. He is a kisser and
plays but would much rather just love and give little puppy
tounge baths. He had a bit of a hard time distinguishing carpet
from pee pad. However, interestingly enough he has no
problems at all with the bourber carpet in the bedroom. Hits his
mark every time. He will even wake up, climb out from under
the covers, go down the little ramp we have (that was originally
made for the ferret, but works great for him) and go pee or poo
on his pad and then come back up to bed! He is sooo smart
and inquisitive. He couldn't be a more perfect puppy so far. Also
we were hoping that we could come out tomorrow (Tuesday) to
pick up Zac if that is ok. If so just let us know what time would
be good. Talk to you soon.
Hi Jane,
I just wanted you to know how very happy we are with our little boy. For you
records Dor changed her mind and named Cody .. Jazsper, that must be
official because she put it on the birth certificate. He is doing so wonderful,
has transitioned right in so easily. He has already learned two commands
since Friday. Potty training is a little rough, but I think it's because of the
hectic time we were having. Now we are back in our house so I'm thinking it
will get better soon. It's a matter of a routine for him, I am hoping. He also
has his first doggy doc appt. on Monday.
Thank you again for all your info it was so helpful, and all the
recommendations on your page are so true. These dogs are truly loving,
intelligent, and just plan wonderful. I have a few pictures to send I just have
to get them uploaded on to here so that I can send them. He is such a little
character, just a total joy.
Thanks again, be talking again soon
Take Care,
The Oesers
Hi Jane,
I just want to let you know how Joey's doing and since today is his 9 month birthday I thought it was a good time.
I can't tell you what a special boy he is & how much joy he's brought to our family. He's everything & more than I'd
ever hoped for in a pup. He's so funny & playful and just as cuddly as can be! He has claimed every pet bed in
the house as his own, along with all the kitty & dog toys too! My other "kids" (2 dogs & 3 kitties) don't seem to
mind & play right along with him. He's definitely one of the pack!
He's so darn cute that he even knows that 10:00 is his bedtime and if I don't tuck him in on time he comes over &
let's me know. He loves his routines...I think it makes him feel very safe and loved.
He has grown into such a healthy & happy boy. I can't thank you enough for the love & care you give to all your
babies....it really shows!
Love to you and your family, Lori Adkins
Hi Jane,
Hope everything is well with you!  Sorry about
the delay in this email, this have been hectic
with the holidays.  We just wanted to send
you an update on how our little girl is doing.  
Pickles (formally Nadia) is the sweetest little
thing we have ever met and she brings so
much happiness to our lives.  Not a day goes
by that she does not cuddle us or do
something else adorable.  She is also so
smart, we already have "sit" and "speak"
down!  She has become best friends with our
lab and is constantly spoiled by our parents,
they love their "Grandpuppy"!
Thank you so much for providing us with our
little princess, we could not have asked for a
better companion!
Melissa and Nick
Dear Jane & George and family & pups,
Just another word of thanks from the Giardinos. Roxy has settled in wonderfully and has been nothing but fun and a joy for us. She was shy at
first then, playful then mischievous but always so lovable. So many thanks as it is quite evident that you worked with her to pad train her as here
it is Monday without 1 accident! We bought her a "just her size" crate and she goes in there to rest and sleeps thru the night...of course she is
quite the early bird! Alena did her 1st Paris Hilton impression, bringing her back to school in a purse when she got out to show her to all her
Roxy has been eating well but her favorite is the dirty socks out of the laundry pile! She loves her little sheep toy and we found some Chihuahua
size raw-hide for her, and of course her own personal sock-toy. Her latest pursuit is a carrot chunk! We have a cage but have not had to use it as
we just cordoned off the kitchen. Roxy is not too keen on the backyard yet but it has been cold and rainy but I still try to take her out in the morning
to start to get her used to it...I don't think she can make out the bell ringing yet but perhaps later.
Thank you again and bless you and your family, including all the four-legged precious ones.
Roxy and her family Giardino
Dearest Jane,
It was such a pleasure to meet you and all your lovely
Chihuahua's. Our boys are very healthy and thriving
thanks to your quality and care in breeding.  Our
veterinarian said they were very healthy happy puppies
with wonderful temperaments, and had the entire vet's
staff fawning all over them.
We named our boys Sargent and Samuel ( "Sarge" and
"Sammie" ). They are very smart, loving little guys, and we
just adore them. Having the two of them has brought us
so much joy in our house thanks to you! I would highly
recommend to anyone that having two sweet and loving
long haired Chihuahua's is the best! All our best,
 It's been about a week since I adopted Olive, and so far both Jane and Olive are everything I could have asked for as breeder and puppy. I searched for a
breeder online, and you never truly know what you get until you meet in person - but I followed my intuition, through contact with Jane built my trust, and
drove the four hours to get THIS puppy.
 I told Jane her website doesn't do her or her puppies justice - these chi's are absolutely beautiful, and all of them do come up to you to greet you, even
as a stranger. I had two sitting in my lap by the time I was done, and they were all giving sloppy little kisses and wanting to play. Olive expresses no
anxiety at being held immediately by new people, which I have heard is an anomaly when introducing dogs to strangers. She will be very easy to socialize
once she has her shots because I merely have to maintain what has been provided through good breeding. Olive has a quiet, affectionate, playful
personality and is turning into a little hellion (in a good way, without being too destructive). The same day/night I brought her home, she hardly cried; the
only time she did was when she was separated from me, and since I have brought her home and adopted a routine this is less and less frequent. To my
relief and amazement, Olive came completely housebroken, I discovered once I consistently used newspaper or magazines instead of puppy pads. She
even used the puppy pads in my car, without any mess.
The group of veterinarians we see agree that Olive is healthy, very well-mannered and well-tempered. They also expressed strong approval of the food
Jane selected, which is nutritious and wheat-free. Olive hasn't learned to fear the vet just yet, so she wags her little tail and gives them kisses during her
examination. Jane operates through full-disclosure, discussed prospective conditions to which chihuahuas are prone with proficiency, and even to told
me about those puppies which were unadoptable because of health problems. This being so, she was able to ensure that my puppy's genetic line is
healthy, and introduced me to Olive's parents. I will be sending in the AKC certification and having her genetically tested, and am sure everything will go
smoothly because Jane is who she claims to be. This is my first dog, and between the books and Jane's help I am anything but lost.
If you've done your research and are looking for a great breeder, get to know Jane and go to meet her puppies. You will see for yourself that these little
"forever friends" are absolutely wonderful (and probably want to give Jane a hug when you leave)!

- Stephanie (and Olive!)
Mount Bethel, PA
(Jane may provide contact information upon request, and you can see pictures of me and Olive on Facebook)
Hi Jane - I simply wanted to let you know, now that some time has gone by, how wonderfully happy we are
with Chica.  She is such a love, friendly, happy and full of fun.  Everyone in the town of Lyme looks for
her when we are out and about - the ladies at the bank complain if we don't have her when we go.  
We've given away all the business cards you gave us because people are so taken with her.  She is so
pretty.  Her markings are beautiful and her coat is really filling out.  She is 4.1 lbs, and we just had her
spayed (lots of anxiety on my part, but all is well).  
She plays with Katie the black lab, and it is so funny to watch - Katie is so big and Chica is so small, but
Katie is gentle and careful.  Chica goes outside, and runs, flat out, around the house and around and
around.  She chases squirrels and leaves and anything that moves.  She loves being outside, which is a
pain when I need her to come back in!  She has learned "cookie" means treat, and often it is the only
way to get her in.  She even likes playing in the snow.
I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I am so happy that I found you and that you made Chica
available to us.  Thank you so much.  I'm sending a couple of pictures and hope you enjoy knowing that
she is happy and well.
Best wishes,
Marlene Green
Just wanted to give you an update!  His vet visit went wonderfully, he goes back in a week for his
shots and he weighs a little over 1.5lbs now.
I'm so happy I chose to get one of your puppies, his temperament amazes me everyday.  He loves
cuddling with me and is so attached to me that he rarely let's me leave any room without him!  He
is just an amazing little guy that I feel so blessed to have!  We've already decided that once Zeus
is a year old we want to touch base with you about getting him another playmate! Thank you
again for your amazing patience with my endless questions prior to us picking him up and also for
meeting us part way! I truly doubt I will ever want to get a puppy from anyone other than you ever
again! Thanks again so much and I hope to stay in touch as Zeus grows.