In Memory of our Dear Ralphy.
Ralphy was a puppy that we chose out of a cardboard box at K mart in Amsterdam 14 and a half years
ago. He was born in April of 1996. I wanted a bigger dog as protection for my 8 children while they
were out side. He was that and more.  
From day one he proved to be a play mate for the kids. He also loved our little Willy, (our Maltese). In
fact Willy taught him the ropes of the Candido family. Ralphy loved to take walks. One day while the
girls were walking our neighbors dog got off the leash and came running towards the kids growling.
Ralphy got between the girls and the dog and the other dog backed off and went home. He loved to
play football with the guys. One day my sons father-in-law caught the ball and Ralphy ran after him. He
stopped him ok, with his teeth in the back of his leg.  That was the one and only time he ever bit
anyone. I just think he thought that was how to play the game.
Ralphy proved to be a comfort many times. At night if one of the kids was scared to sleep alone he
would sleep with them. I remember KK would take him in her room at night. He wanted to sleep In our
room so he would go with her and lay on the side of her bed till he heard the change in her breathing
then sneak out. Now and then she would catch him doing that and say, "Ralphy come back in here". He
would turn around and go back in till he could sneak out again. And then was the time Brittney who was
about 5 years old was in bed saying her prayers. I walked in and she had her eyes closed. I waited
there till she opened them. She was so scared to see me that she screamed. Ralphy flew down the
hallway and jumped on her bed. Then he started to lick her face. Brittney loved to lay with him on the
floor and even after she got older she would lay with her head on him.
Then we got the Chihuahuas. The first one was Cookie. He was so happy to have a play mate that
they spent a lot of time together. Cathy and Boots loved to go up to him and they had a way of getting
him to groom them. Then he let charmer lick his teeth and gums. He would cuddle with them. They
would sleep on him. Bark with him. Play with him. He started the Chihuahua pack and that is why we
have such good and loving dogs.
We could look at it as we lost a treasured friend but I would rather look at it as we gained 15 happy
special years with a treasured friend and family member. You were loved and will always have a special
place in all the lives you touched. Thank you Ralphy